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While the actual origin of apples is not known, it is likely the apple tree originated between the Caspian and the Black Seas. There is proof that man has enjoyed apples for at least 750,000 years. Apples were a favorite of the ancient Romans and Greeks. Early settlers of the United States brought apple seeds with them. According to records belonging to the Massachusetts Bay Company, apples were grown in New England as early as 1630. As the United States was settled, traders, missionaries and Native Americans transported apple seeds west. John Chapman, also known as Johnny Appleseed, was responsible for extensive apple tree plantings in the Midwest.




Beet - lovely, fresh and sweet.


Best potato


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Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum), also known as kasha in Eastern Europe, is a pseudocereal (a crop with an end use like a cereal but is not in the grass family) that was first planted as a crop in China 5,000 to 6,000 years ago. Currently, Russia and China are the largest producers of buckwheat. Buckwheat is a minor crop in the United States where it is planted on about 27,000 acres each year. In 2017 (the most recent agricultural census when these data were collected), buckwheat was grown in more than 20 states, with the majority being grown in North Dakota, Washington, Minnesota and New York.




Nice cheeseburger




Carrots are a member of the Apiaceae (formerly called Unbelliferae) family, which also includes celery, anise, dill, and cilantro. They are a biennial crop, producing their taproot the first year, and, if left to grow, would flower, set seed and die the second year. Although most all the carrots marketed in the United States today are orange, other colors such as red, yellow, or purple can occasionally be found in various fresh, frozen, and juice products. All carrots can be eaten root to tip, with the leaves often added to salads.


Fresh Tomatoes


Caribou Seed Company: 100% Made In Canada, eh! 🍁 We ship from Southern Ontario! 40 - 50 organic, non-GMO seeds large fruit, weighing up to 225 grams growing zones 3 - 11 includes detailed growing instructions Description Beefsteak tomato Solanum lycopersicum These large tomatoes are a long-time favourite of gardeners! Large in size, low acid and sweet flavour. Plants are nice and bushy, which protects the fruit from sunburn. Open pollinated. Packet contains 40 - 50 seeds.


Gorgeous maple syrup from Quebec!


Established in 1977, the sugar bush of the Cosman & Webb Farm has been producing the finest, most pure, organic maple syrup for nearly half a century. Today, the ancient forest and fertile soils are home to an abundance of thriving animal and plant species; it is a sanctuary of biodiversity, a place of beauty, and is now cherished by a third generation of Cosmans. 250 ml


Honey heney


the best honey from local bees


Kinsip Whisky Barrel Aged Maple Syrup


Kinsip produces a robust and smoky maple syrup, by lovingly aging Prince Edward County maple syrup from Nyman Farms in Kinsip whisky barrels. The barrel aged maple syrup is a unique and decadent product that is excellent in cocktails, on ice cream, in cooking, and of course on pancakes. Try it in a Maple Old Fashioned (recipe on the bottle!). 375mL bottle. Grade A, very dark maple syrup.




Bring home a glass bottle of Canadian pride with our 100% pure maple syrup. Did you know that the uses of maple syrup extend well beyond pancakes? Maple syrup is a great replacement for refined sugars and sweeteners in your coffee, tea, smoothies and other recipes. Like honey, maple syrup benefits your health by providing plenty of antioxidants and important nutrients like riboflavin, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and more! Looking to surprise a friend, relative or business associate who is visiting Canada? Our maple syrup is made naturally by boiling sap collected in March and April from our local, natural growth maple trees. A maple syrup gift from Dutchman's Gold is a thoughtful way of sharing a little taste of Canada. 500 ml


Pork chops


Fresh pork chops


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Пчелы медоносы


Обученные и быстрые пчелы медоносы. Ешь мед круглый год


Hamel Pure Maple Syrup Gallon Grade A


Hamel 100% Pure Grade A Maple Syrup Gallon (128oz) The Hamel Maple Syrup Company may have gotten its start in the 1970's, but its history for "maple sappin" rich golden, sweet maple syrup is generations old. Steve Leuer and Steve Jordan, childhood friends and neighbors,created the company and started marketing a family tradition. The area in Minnesota, which became known as Hamel, was heavily forested with maples. This drew ancestors William and J. O. Hamel of Quebec to settle in the area which would later bear their name. In the years that followed, generations of family and friends have continued to carry out the springtime ritual of tapping their treasured maples. Two-year shelf life. Please REFRIGERATE AFTER OPENING. Gallon jug is BPA free and lid has inner safety seal. Certified Kosher. No artificial ingredients or preservatives. Gluten Free, Vegan, Paleo-friendly. Full of vitamins, minerlas and antioxidants. Maple syrup has a low glycemic index. Your purchase supports local family sugar makers in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. Delicious on pancakes, waffles, hot and cold cereals, ice cream, yogurt and fruit. Try it in your favorite beverage. Use as a glaze on meats and vegetables. Excellent pure substitute for sugar in baked goods. Our maple syrup has a delicious tasting, full-bodied dark, robust maple flavor. 100% Pure Grade A Maple Syrup (made from the sap of maple trees).




Seasonal watermelons from sunny California